The name’s Bond, James Bond

For the past two weeks, Carly Simon’s Nobody Does It Better has been playing on repeat throughout the OnMovies offices.

Workplace accidents caused by; play fighting, hat throwing, turning and shooting, Martini drinking, Moon Raking, and pretty much everything bar Gold Fingering, have all risen to such a level that even the personal injury sales lines have stopped calling.

And I will make no secret of the fact that watching one particular colleague’s attempt the Roger Moore eyebrow raise while clutching at a gun fashioned out of their fingers, has helped me learn a lot about the kind of people I work with.

Classic Bond Title

It’s time to come clean then, here at OnMovies we are more than a little obsessed with Bond, James Bond. From the meaning behind the cascading piano notes during the title sequence to The Spy Who Loved Me, to heated discussions over the importance of Timothy Dalton’s Bond to the franchise, there’s not a bit of it we’ve left unturned.

And now, only four months away from this year’s much anticipated title, Spectre, excitement has gone through the roof.

But it was actually between breaths during a particularly rowdy YouTube sing-a-long to Tina Turner’s stunning rendition of Goldeneye, that we agreed to save money on counselling later in life, it was time we shared this love with someone else.

And that someone, dear reader, is you. Yes, for the next 15 weeks, we are embarking on our own mission to ramp up the suspense and celebrate this year’s release of Spectre with a look back at each and every one of history’s much loved Bond films. Oh, and 2002’s Die Another Day.

From Dr. No to Skyfall, we will do it so you don’t have to. All you have to do is promise you will indulge us this passion, like you would a child, as we explore the history of gambling, gallivanting and gun pointing in the James Bond franchise in our Build up to Bond season.

First up, Dr. No. Click here for full review

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