Mark Wahlberg In Partners

Mark Wahlberg is to star in Partners.

Mark Wahlberg is no stranger when it comes to the buddy comedy genre such as films like Ted and The Other Guys and now Partners sees him returning to that format.

Partners, which has a script by Evan Turner and the backing of New Line, finds Wahlberg as an LAPD detective who has a one night stand with a woman, and falls for her. Then he learns she’s an FBI agent and, to complicate matters, will be his boss on a high profile case.

The film is said to have a lot of big action set pieces. And, hopefully, with a decent actress for the co-starring role.

It’s still early stages at this point with no director on board and New Line waiting for Wahlberg being available as he’s back in comedy mode with Ferrell for Daddy’s Home, which lands in the UK on Christmas Day, and is currently shooting oil rig drama Deepwater Horizon.

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