Build Up To Bond – Dr. No

The first in a 50 year film series of quips, hips and quiffs, Dr. No oozes with sexual nuances, entendres of countless dimensions and bikini clad ocean sirens, in what is perhaps the quintessential Bond movie.

A cocktail of murder, mystery and menagerie, the film lands Her Majesty’s finest asset on the island of Jamaica, giving a young Sean Connery a break from the bodybuilding for his first taste of espionage.

Between a flurry of sexual encounters, Bond finds time to investigate the death of a fellow British agent on a trail that leads him to the underground base of Dr. No – a figure determined to end the US space programme.

If the concoction of Britain’s booziest batchelor vs. the evil genius of a maniacal island dweller with a PHD doesn’t hold your attention, then Ursula Andress’ get up as the now iconic Honey Ryder certainly will.

Ursula Andress

Of the film’s hefty $1million budget, clearly very little was spent on Ryder’s costume, producing one of Hollywood’s most memorable introductions – certainly no boy has eyed an oversized seashell the same way since – and can perhaps take a good portion of credit for the film’s financial success of $59million at box office.

Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman), meanwhile, is brought to life with great sophistication in a role that, despite not making an on-screen appearance for the majority of the film, certainly sets the bar for Bond’s many adversaries to come.

Joseph Wiseman

Reviewed by Charlie Green.

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